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Bedford Metal Side & Garden Gates

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About Our Bedford Metal Side Gates

Our Bedford Metal Side Gates are sturdy with a smple yet elegant design. They can be customised in width and height but if you wanted other tweaks to the design contact us as we can discuss your requirements. These gates are made from high quality steel and are built to last!


Frame Size Middle Rails
Vertical Bars
Standard Finish
25x25mm 25x6mm 12x12mm Unfinished (see below)

Prices & Sizes
All Prices Include VAT

Hinges are included in the gate prices below

900mm Opening


1200mm Opening

1220mm High £Please Call   £Please Call        

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1860mm High £Please Call   £Please Call        

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You can add details of custom sizes you require at the end of the checkout process. In the meantime please select the next size up for the gate(s) you require.

Finials (Optional)
Metal Gate Finials
  Upto 1200mm Wide
Finials On Top Rail Only

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Finials On Middle Rail Only*

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Finials On Top & Middle Rails*

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*Finials may not fit on the middle rail on garden gates (heights of 1000mm or lower. It depends on the style of gate)

Finishing (optional*)
Metal Gate Finishing

Red Oxide Treatment
Red oxide primer is a base-coat paint specifically formulated for use with ferrous metals. It prepares the surfaces of iron and steel for the application of a topcoat, while adding a layer of protection against rust and wear.

Red Oxide Treatment + Black Paint Finish
The full rust protection plus a clean smooth black paint top coat finish.

*Your metal gates will need to be protected against the elements using an appropriate anti-corrosion product.


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