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Treatment Service

Just like keeping the paintwork on your car clean and in good condition, treatment helps to prolong the life of your gates and keeps them looking smart. We use and recommend a high quality spirit (solvent) based wood preserver (with built in anti-fungal agents) to keep your gates protected from the elements. Unlike doors and window frames which are somewhat sheltered, gates in most cases are completely exposed from all angles. We therefore strongly advise you to have your gate(s) treated. This is something you can do yourself but we are more than happy to give your gate(s) the first coats at a reasonable cost so you can get on with hanging them as soon as they arrive.

We charge a flat rate of £30 per gate (big or small) so £60 including VAT for a pair of gates. On softwood we advise either 'light brown' or 'dark brown' and for hardwoods we advise 'clear'. You can add treatment to you gate order below.

Note: Clear does not change the appearance of the timber at all as it contains no staining element.

Examples on Softwood:

Clear Wood Preserver For Gate Treatment   Light Brown Wood Preserver For Gate Treatment   Dark Brown Wood Preserver For Gate Treatment   Order Treatment
Clear   Light Brown   Dark Brown