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About Our Timbers

We have four main timber options for our wooden gates. Below is a brief description of the pros and cons of each. We can supply our gates in many other timbers so if you have a particular requirement feel free to ask for a quotation.



Scandinavian softwood
Usually redwood (which is, in turn, a type of pine), Scandinavian kiln-dried softwood has been control-dried but tends to have a higher percentage moisture content than most kiln dried hardwoods. Scandinavian kiln dried softwood is moderately resistant to decay, which means that it does require a reasonable amount of maintenance and preservation when used outdoors. It is stable and lends itself to being stained and painted, producing an excellent finish. Scandinavian softwood is generally more affordable than its hardwood counterparts.



  Kiln dried Sipo hardwood
Sipo is a stable, durable, straight-grained hardwood that resembles mahogany. As a result it is sometimes used for decorative purposes but its qualities of strength and decay resistance make it an ideal choice for imposing, high quality exterior fittings such as gates. It is an affordable choice for most home owners. It is superior to its siblings (Sapele and African Mahogany) due to its stability, more consistant appearance, and is lighter in weight by around 20%.


  Kiln dried Iroko hardwood
Iroko is a wood so impressive that some cultures believe iroko trees to have supernatural powers. Kiln dried iroko hardwood is extremely durable, resisting both rot and insect attack, which in turn means that it is easy to maintain and needs little attention when used in exterior settings. Iroko is affordable and stable, so ideal for long term outdoor use in gates. In our experience it is more prone to move (twist, bow, split than Sipo Hardwood)


  Kiln dried Prime Oak
Oak is an iconic wood, almost synonymous with UK properties, so it is hardly surprising that it is such a popular choice for gardens and outdoor fittings. Oak comes in various grades and prime oak is among the very highest. This hardwood is highly durable, as is reflected in its use in heavy duty items such as railway sleepers, and traditional buidling framework. Oak is very prone to movement (twisting, bowing, splitting). This should be kept in mind as a characteristic that is typical of the timber.

If you would like further help in choosing the right timber for your gates, give us a call for honest advice.

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