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Discreet Cladding Nails from TGC

Industry Standard Board Nailing   TGC Discreet Nails
The Industry Standard Way Of Nailing   Traditional Gate Company - Discreet Nails

Some of our customers over the years had mentioned to us that they didn't like to see nail heads on the face of their gates. Despite this being the best all round method (other than using screws which would be very ugly) and our explanation of why they were needed, we decided to look into a way to make them less visible. We spoke with various nail manufacturers and distributors and saw that Brad nails were much smaller than the typical coil round headed nails that are the norm. However we wanted them to have more grip on the surface area of the nail to further strengthen the hold they have. We therefore developed (alongside a nail manufacturer) a tweaked version that has better grooving for a strong 'bite' and will stand the test of time in the demanding conditions that gates are put under.

With the old nailing system you can see the nails on the front of the gates from even a modest distance, however the new system means that they are normally barely visible from just a few feet away. This is a rolling improvement we are very proud of.

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