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Black & Galvanised Ironwork Items

Please note, screws and bolts are not included with these items as thickness of gates and screw length requirements vary. Screws are standard and can be bought at any DIY store.
Adjustable Hook & Band Hinge Pair   Tee Hinge Pair   Cup Hinge Pair
Adjustable Gate Hinges   Tee Hinges   Cup Hinges
Ring Latch 5"   Brenton Padbolt 6"   Garden Auto Catch & Striker
Gate Ring Latch   Brenton Padbolt   Garden Auto Catch & Striker
Drop Bolt 18"   Gate Return Spring Medium Duty   Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple 
Drop Bolt   Gate Return Spring   Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple
Double Strap Band Hinge (single) for 3" Gates   Five Bar Lower Adjustable Hinge (for 3" gates)   Five Bar Auto Catch & Striker
Five Bar Double Strap Band Hinge (single)   Adjustable Lower Hinge for Five Bar Gates 3    Five Bar Auto Catch & Striker
Throwover Latch (for 3" gates)   Spring Catch & Keep   Central Closer (for use with Spring Catch & Keep)
Throwover Latch (for 3   Spring Catch & Keep for Five Bar Gates   Five Bar Gate Central Closing Latch
Strap Hinge Pair (for Bi-Fold gates)
  External Butt Hinge Pair
  Lockable Drop Bolt
Strap Hinge Pair   External Butt Hinges   Lockable Drop Bolt for gates
 Cabin Hook        
 Gate Cabin Hooks